Men’s health

Men’s health examinations address the health needs specific to the male body that many find difficult or otherwise challenging to discuss or share. Ask one of our friendly GP’s regarding any issue that may need addressing.

Women’s health¬†

Women are faced with a wide range of health issues, and with a full-time female GP available for bulk-billed consultations, we are well positioned to provide invaluable health services and care to women in our community.

Vaccinations & Immunisations

Vaccines are very important for immunising us against certain illnesses and viruses. Vaccinations should be taken at specific ages, which continues into adulthood. It is important that you receive your vaccination at the recommended age as many vaccines require multiple injections before they start to take effect.

Everyone will require different vaccines depending on your health, age, lifestyle, and occupation. To find out which ones you need, talk to your doctor for an assessment. The following is the national immunisation guideline:

Age Vaccine
Birth HepB
2 months HepB, DTPa, Hib, IPV, 13vPCV, rotavirus
4 months HepB, DTPa, Hib, IPV, 13vPCV, rotavirus
6 months HepB, DTPa, Hib, IPV, 13vPCV, rotavirus b
12 months Hib-MenC, MMR
18 months DTPa, MMRV
4 years DTPa, IPV, MMR (if MMRV was not given at 18 months)
10-15 years Varicella, HPV, DTPa
65+ years Influenza, 23vPPV

Aboriginals, Torres Strait Islander peoples, and other at-risk groups will require additional vaccinations. Talk to your doctor to find which ones are applicable for you.